Veterans learning to see again using cutting-edge technology at Charlie Norwood VA

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - Amazing things are happening at the Blind Rehab Center at the Charlie Norwood V-A.

Veterans with vision loss are learning to live their lives again from working in the kitchen -- to even using power tools!

Dexter Durrante isn't your average blind rehab specialist.

"At the time of the accident, I had 18 years in the Army, and I didn't really think people could live without sight. Without total. I'm told
I don't have any sight," said Durrante.

He was at Fort Bragg in North Carolina when a training accident left him totally blind. Depressed and feeling worthless, he searched for answers
why him??

The Blind Rehab Center at the V-A is one of 13 in country using cutting edge technology to rehabilitate veterans like Dexter. The advanced
ones are cutting edges -- literally.

In October we introduced you to Joseph Johnson, a success story at the blind rehab center. At 80-years old he's finally able to see his great
grand children and read the bible.

Dr. Herman Jefferson says Joseph's story is one of many and all part of plan here.

"The blind rehab center is broken into five skills, manual skills, living skills, vision skills, ability and computer access training," said Dr. Jefferson.

Dexter went from depressed to earning a Masters degree in blind rehabilitation, he now works at the VA and
specializes in teaching blind veterans home skills and daily living.

He's a patient teacher, but maybe more importantly a listening ear for an oftentimes prideful veteran learning how to live their life again.

"That's how I was driven, I was driven by wanting to give back and understanding with how I am with my attitude, that I could actually
come and inspire other people," said Durrante.

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