Aiken County School District town hall meeting discusses overcrowding

Aiken County School District town hall meeting discusses overcrowding

MONETTA, SC (WFXG) - Aiken County School District held another meeting this evening at Ridge Spring Monetta middle/high school, a school that is undergoing one of their renovation projects. Parents expressed their concerns of being left behind as the schools in the other Areas receive more elaborate technological upgrades.

"We've made a point that we're not going to have have and have-not schools and we talk about having a new standard of excellence for the school in Aiken county. That applies to Wagener Salley and that applies to Ridge Spring Monetta. We're going to make sure that every facility upgrade, every new construction is going to be up that high standard that we've seen at Aiken High School and North Augusta High School," says King Lawrence, Chief of Admissions for the Aiken County School District.

Wagener Salley and Ridge Spring Monetta Residents also expressed that nonetheless, they feel the education their children are getting in Area 4 is second to none. "I love the Wagener Salley community. That's my home. That was the first place I worked in Aiken county. So, to hear the parents and grandparents of the Wagener Salley area and the Ridge Spring Monetta area, it warms my heart," says Lawrence.

The funding for these proposed projects are still up in the air and will be up to the residents to vote and decide. Chief of Admission for Aiken County School District says he believes the board will be able to come to the best possible solution for all the schools in the district. "They're going to look at the recommendations that we have, the recommendations that we get from our consultants, and then the feedback that we get from these town halls and from the online surveys. And they're going to plow through that and once they have all the information, I think they're going to make a quality decision on what our next steps are as a school district."

The board will meet January 6th to discuss all the information compiled from Town hall meetings and have a decision made by January 23.

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