Grovetown held their 43rd annual Christmas parade and festival

Grovetown held their 43rd annual Christmas parade and festival

GROVETOWN, GA (WFXG) - Commence the Christmas spirit! Grovetown kicked off the holiday season with their 43rd annual Grovetown Christmas parade. Residents watched as bands, dancers, businesses, and even the Grinch waved and performed for them during the parade.

Residents shared their favorite part of the parade and what makes them come out each year. "Well since I have the little kids, my favorite part was just how they throw candy because it kept my two-year-old just excited the whole time," says Grovetown resident Holly Pate.

"My favorite part was when they toss out candy, and the Santa Claus, and the whole parade," The Allen Family.

Residents say this parade and the Grovetown festival really puts them in the holiday spirit and gives them a chance to go out into the community and enjoy it with their families. "I love Christmas. I love parades and all that. And now that my kids are a little bit older and can enjoy it, it's just that much more motivation and that much more fun just coming out here," says Pate.

"I just like seeing all the community members and all the businesses in the community," says The Allen Family.

Residents say the parade gets them excited for holidays and even more excited to see the parade next year. Grovetown continued their festivities with a Christmas Festival earlier this evening at Liberty Park Community Center.

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