Richmond County Sheriff's office talk about number of pedestrians struck this year

Richmond County Sheriff's office talk about number of pedestrians struck this year
Take a look at the number of pedestrians who have been hit in Richmond County; it is a pretty high number. There has been over sixty pedestrian struck collisions so far in Richmond County this year. The sheriff's office says most of it is due to both distracted drivers and pedestrians.
In a world where everything is fast paced it is very easy to for folks to be distracted. Pedestrians should be concentrated on where they are going and that means no distractions especially the use of cell phones. Texting and walking is just as bad as texting and driving. Sgt. Shane McDaniel says not paying attention could cost a pedestrian their life. "Everyone is in such a hurry and they are not paying attention to their surroundings, whether it be traffic signals, whether it be a controlled device like a stop sign, or whether it be someone trying to get across the road. "
During this holiday season there will be more people out and about. Some advice is to never trust your own judgment when crossing a road. What you think would only take you five seconds to get across may actually take you twenty-five to thirty seconds to get across. Richmond County Sheriff's Office says the cross mark signals are there for a reason and it only takes two seconds to press the button.

Riyoko Tsukinata and her friend came close to being hit a couple of months ago; cars were trying to beat them across the cross walk. And because of her vision she relies solely on the signals. "For me it essential, I always use it if there is one there because its more helpful to me to know okay I have this amount of time to get across the street."

"If a person is struck by a car that person could be at fault of an accident if they don't use a cross walk.", explains Sgt. McDaniel

RICHMOND COUNTY, GA (WFXG) - In addition to paying attention and using signals, pedestrians should wear bright clothing and carry a flashlight when walking at night.

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