Up Fur Adoption Now: Bella and Stitch

Say hello to Bella and Stitch! They made their Fox 54 appearance on Thursday, November 16th.

Bella is a female Australian cattle dog mix. She is currently in a foster home through Hands to Paws Rescue but needs a forever home. Bella is currently on monthly HW prevention medicine and up to date on all her vaccines. She has been spayed. Bella is housebroken and is very calm. However, she is not acclimated to cats and needs to be separated from them until she becomes familiar with them.

Bella currently stays outside in the yard during the days and is inside at night. She sleeps on the dog beds and doesn't get on the furniture. She is a very sweet dog and gets along well with all the other dogs (range in ages from 1 to 12+ years). She is very calm at the adoption events and prefers to lie in the corner rather than being the center of attention. She may have been struck in the past since she flinches when a broom is suddenly lifted near her.

Stitch also needs his forever home! He's a male short hair mix. He is about 1 year old. He tested heartworm negative and is on monthly heartworm preventative. He has been neutered and is up to date on his shots. His limp has been xrayed and it has been indicated that he will need the equivalent of hip replacement surgery or amputation. At this point, his leg does not appear to bother him or slow him down at all. He has no trouble running and playing with the other dogs. He does not appear to be in any distress and he is very adept at accommodating that leg. Stitch stays outside all the time but does come in at night to sleep in the laundry room. He doesn't make a mess while inside.

Stitch loves to be petted and "in your lap". He gets along well with the other dogs at his foster home, but hasn't been exposed to cats. He still jumps up on people, so he's working on correcting that. He has adjusted very well to his new life.

If you're interested in adopting, Hands to Paws can be contacted at handstopawsrescue@gmail.com, or at 706-481-0657. You can also check out all their dogs up for adoption at http://www.hands2paws.org/

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