Resident's holiday travel may change due to increase in gas prices

Resident's holiday travel may change due to increase in gas prices


Notice higher prices at the pumps lately? According to GasBuddy, gasoline prices in Georgia are up more than five cents per gallon in the past week. As of today Augusta is seeing a four cents per gallon increase from last week averaging about $2.30. This is not good news for holiday travelers.
"This is a bad time with the holidays coming both Thanksgiving and Christmas. I'm not very happy. I've got two weekends of traveling to do and that's going to cost me a lot.", says Augusta resident, Maria Beard.

The cheapest price for fuel this year was back in July and of course the most expensive was after Hurricane Harvey. Today's hike is quite unusual though according to gas experts at GasBuddy, they say prices usually decline during the fall season but this year they are surprised.

"It's unpredictable but it's a shock in the face to go home one to see the price is this price and wake up in the morning and it's a different price. It's just an unexpected change." says, Augusta resident, Torsha Harrison. As it is for so many, this is a busy time of the year for Harrison. Now she will be having to re-think expenses. "It won't change it but it will definitely put a crunch in it since I travel to South Carolina a lot. It's going to be a very -- well not a hard hit but it's going to make a vast difference in how I spend."

Many in the area may follow suit. Gasbuddy experts say its common to see motorist cut their spending during the holidays when gas prices are up.
To give you some extra context to our price at the pump, on this date last year in Augusta, we were paying an average of $2.13 a gallon.
So right now we're up 15-cents a gallon or, $2.50 a tank.

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