Preparing cars for the cold weather

Preparing cars for the cold weather

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - Cold weather preparations include more than pulling out those space heaters and making sure those winter coats fit. It's also important to make sure your car is ready for the cold weather. before you head out the door for work or to take the kids to school you want to make sure you aren't running into any problems like a dead car battery.

AAA says that batteries cause the most problems. Even local tow companies say that most of their early morning calls during this time of year are battery related.

When it gets to the mid 30's that's when batteries can lose up to 35% of strength. Couple that with the power being used up by constantly charging your phone and you could run into big issues.

Another thing you want to check is your tire pressure.  If your tire pressure was set during the summer, the first week of cold will cause the air inside of your tire to contract and lower the pressure.

You do want to make sure you have your tire pressure reset for the cold temperatures.

Cars that are outside tend to be more affected than cars kept in a garage.

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