Up Fur Adoption Now: Boo (Adopted)

Boo (WFXG)
Boo (WFXG)

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - The Aiken County Animal Shelter says Boo has been adopted and is in a loving home.

Say hello to Boo!

She came on Fox 54's Up Fur Adoption Now Segment on Thursday, November 2nd, 2017.

She's a sweet 7-year-old hound mix, and is currently residing at the Aiken County Animal Shelter. She ended up there 2 weeks ago after her owners moved and could not bring her along. Therefore she is sad and is ready to be in her new home.

She loves to be around other dogs and play. With her calm personality Boo is always down for a good snuggle session.

Boo would do great in any kind of home, but especially one with grown ups and older children that know how to behave around dogs.

Right now the Aiken County Animal Shelters' adoption fee for dogs is $35 and $10 for cats. That includes spay/neuter, vaccinations, and their microchip.

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