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Fourth Annual Cyber Georgia at Augusta University

Fourth Annual Cyber Georgia at Augusta University  (wfxg) Fourth Annual Cyber Georgia at Augusta University (wfxg)

Innovators from across the country are in town for the 4th Annual Cyber Georgia conference at Augusta University. Today was all about making connections using the expertise of the entire cyber security community to keep hackers out of other's business. Federal and local cyber experts sharing their experiences, successes, and failures with others on the front lines.

"We get to learn and stand on other people's shoulders but we get to find our own way. We get to do that.", explains Joanne Sexton, who is the Cyber Institute Director.

With Augusta quickly becoming a center-piece for the cyber security industry, this conference will only add to the CSRA's visibility Today's speaker Edward Egan is the Director of the McNair Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation, he says Augusta is primed to become a networking hub, a powerhouse in defeating an innovative enemy.
"If you manage to get this right with cyber command coming here and really with some simple policy, I think we can see a first wave of start ups in about two years. So say on a four to five year horizon if we can have three or four deals a year, that would put Augusta on the map."

Sexton is already seeing the beginnings of that transition right here in Augusta. "We get to invent. We get invent who is the Augusta community as we move forward and we are doing that in a partnership; everybody with all hands in."

As a young person wondering what direction to take their computer education and skills, the cyber security industry is about to explode. We see the impacts of hackers on companies large and small everyday. And as more students discover the opportunities that are out there, Augusta stands to be a huge benefactor.


The conference will continue on Friday, October 13. The focus will be on the best ways to fight one of the most sensitive networks in the country, the healthcare system.

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