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RCSO reveals new MILO training system


The Richmond County Sheriff’s Office unveiled their new MILO range training system to help train deputies in deescalation, stress, and suspect resistance scenarios. This new simulator cost over $125,000 – But the Sheriff assured that it was purchased with their forfeiture fund and not through taxpayer dollars. This state of the art training tool will allow Augusta to become a location for top-notch law enforcement training.

“We want to be the premiere training center in the state of Georgia. And the only way we can do that is if we have the best training too. So, again, the citizens were confident enough to vote a splosh package in for us to upgrade things here at the range. So, this is just one more element of enhancing this training facility," says Sheriff Roundtree.

Retired police officer, Robert Teachey, says the simulation reminded him of his past training experiences. It really made him feel like he was actually in the scenario because several questions swarmed through his mind all at once. “What was I going to be faced with? How is this person going to react? You know, would he obey my commands when I give him a command to drop the weapon? Or would he attack me? Which he attempted to do," says Robert Teachey.

He feels it will help the community understand what officers go through at a moment’s notice. “It’s a split decision sometimes and you don’t have a lot of reactionary time. So, you’re looking at your survival, and taking care of the community also. You’re ultimately out there to protect the community, and also protect yourself," says Robert Teachey.

Opening this training to the public allows for them to step into a deputy’s shoes and understand the emotional aftermath these scenarios could cause. “That’s what we try to get people to understand. That our deputies, our police officers are people first. And they just put on a uniform. But they can’t stop being human, they can’t stop being persons. Like I said, some of the people who were involved in the shoot scenarios they even felt bad about having to shoot somebody justifiable and those are real emotions," says Sheriff Roundtree.

Sheriff Roundtree says within the next year and a half they plan to add another classroom, training range, and expand their driving track in order to make their training center one of the best fully-functional training facilities in Georgia.

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