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Parents wondering if RCBOE will implement special-needs cameras


It is one of those devices that can not only influence the behavior of special needs kids but their teachers as well. Cameras in the classroom.

Now some parents are wondering why this perfectly legal tool is not in all Richmond County special needs classrooms?

For Jessica Wells, Her 4 boys mean the world to her. So when her 10-year-old son Preston who has Autism came home from school with what she says was a strange bruise on his head, she was concerned.

"He was allegedly abused in his classroom," says Wells.

Our Cameras were rolling last year when Wells got in front of Board Members and asked the district why they should apply the pilot program for cameras in special needs classrooms. "Next month will be a year since I spoke to them and presented that at a school board meeting."

She says last year she did speak with the superintendent Dr. Angle Pringle who didn't give a commitment on whether the district would commit to the idea. Despite the passage of a Georgia bill allowing the cameras, school districts in Georgia still need to give the okay for the pilot program to be used.  

"The point of it was to get your foot in the door so we did that. We gained the support of the governor and the Georgia Department of Education," Wells explains.

She says all she wants to hear the board give her a reason why members do or don't think these cameras are a good idea.   

"Eventually we will work hard together to provide some safety net between special needs students, special needs students and also the special needs educators," she explains.

FOX 54 Reached out to Richmond Co. for comment, so far no response.

The next scheduled meeting is for October 17th.  

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