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Boy Scouts of America allows girls to earn eagle scout honor


Boy Scouts of America announced they are expanded their programs to allow Girl Scouts to earn the highest rank a scout can receive – Eagle Scout. Making history for Boy and Girl Scouts – Boy Scouts of America announced the expansion of their Eagle Scout program.
Scout executive, Dan Rogers, says girls have been a part of the co-ed programs for several years but this expansion will give them an opportunity to earn the same badges and honors.

“Well the expansion gives us the opportunity to serve new clients, new customers, who are begging to be a part of the Boy Scouts. So, for many years we’ve promoted cub scouting as a family activity. And often times the little girls and the siblings would come along with their brothers and do those activities but they could never get the badges. So, this gives them the opportunity to earn the same badges their brothers have earned," says Dan Rogers.
National boy scout reports from 2014 and 2015 show a decline in participation in the last few years. But Rogers believes this new venture will change that. “I would expect so, yes. Many of the Eagle Scouts we’ve talked to have said, ‘We think it’s a good thing'. So, the general consensus from the people that we serve is this is a good move.”

This opportunity will allow families to combine activities for their children all in the same place. “Families want single stop shopping. They want a program where they can bring their sons and their daughters and be there, instead of running here and there and there and dropping everybody at a different place. So, it gives one stop shopping in a program that they value and can deliver what they need.”

The cub scout program will kick-off September 1st of 2018 and the Boy Scout in 2019. Rogers says the Georgia-Carolina Council are already have some initiatives underway that they plan to reveal to the community in the next coming months. For more information on how you can sign your child up, click here.

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