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Harlem hosts 29th annual Oliver Hardy Festival


An annual festival created in remembrance of Oliver and Hardy, silent film comic actors, was held Saturday, October 7, 2017 in Harlem. Harlem’s 29th annual Oliver Hardy festival charmed residents with their unique vendors, delectable goodies, and live entertainment. Harlem residents Charles and Brenda Kelley come as often as they can. “We probably come at least every other year, if not every year. Just seeing all the different sights and vendors, things you don’t normally see," says Charles Kelly.

Hot Wax Candles and Creations is one of those unique sights. At a first glance, you’ll want to grab a knife and fork but what it really is will surprise you. “Well, after I taught myself how to make regular candles, I wanted to do something different. So actually, one day my husband, he asked me ‘why should I buy your regular candles, over somebody else’s candles?’ So, I got to thinking…got to thinking," says Lavern Denise Lewis.

And she came up with this, dessert candles that look good enough to eat. Grandparents Charles and Brenda say the products and novelties at the Oliver Hardy festival are priceless. “There’s vendors just from everywhere. Things you just can’t get at the mall, can’t get anywhere else except at a festival like this," says Charles Kelly.
Aside from the striking attractions, they used this as a teaching moment for their grandkids. “They don’t even know who Hardy and Oliver are. So, we were explaining to them who they were and trying to show them the museum and everything," says Brenda Kelly.

And after today, they created Oliver and Hardy festivals fans out of them.

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