Stay Bridge Suites hotel makes special accommodations for evacuees

Stay Bridge Suites hotel makes special accommodations for evacuees

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - Hotels across the CSRA are booked to capacity with Hurricane Irma's arrival quickly approaching. But the Stay Bridge hotel has made a few special accommodations for their evacuee guests. Owner, Jugal Purohit, has taken it upon himself to turn his pet free hotel into a welcoming hotel to pets free of charge including other special accommodations for evacuee guests. "This time we are giving them all no cost to the pet, no restriction about the rate, and they can bring 2 or 3 pets per room. As well as, if they would like to cancel some rooms on the last minute, we are allowing them to cancel," says Purohit.

Purohit advises evacuees to call the hotel itself, rather than booking through a third party to avoid scams and being told there are no availabilities. "There are so many kinds of scams going on, but I would suggest don't give your money to anybody. That we can book your room without going to a third party, as everybody goes through a third party, but the problem is, third party says they don't have any rooms. So, I would suggest call the hotel, so you are talking to the real people there," says Purohit.

The Stay Bridge staff have also turned their meeting hall into a backup shelter room that can fit up to 75 people for when the hotels are sold out. He says he is humbled to be able to offer evacuees a safe haven during this time. "I just pray to God, I hope that we don't go through such a bad position. And hopefully Augusta is known for the hospitality and we will give them the best hospitality," says Purohit.

The hotel owner encourages evacuees looking for hotels to keep checking daily as guest checkout.

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