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Holy Trinity on the Hill shelter at max capacity


One shelter in Augusta is experiencing the best kind of Déjà vu, serving evacuees who came to town last year during Hurricane Matthew.

Trinity on the Hill United Methodist church is serving as a home away from home for tons of Eastern Seaboard evacuees again.

Many say the memories and friendships they made last year brought them back again.

Bobbie Torres, an Evacuee and Volunteer, commented on why this is such a special place:

“ Last year was my first time being in a shelter as a resident of a shelter, so they made it such a wonderful experience here. It was calming, everyone was able to work together, so when I found out we would have to do this again, I was calling immediately to find out if they were going to be able to host a shelter again.”

These evacuees aren’t just taken care of—they’re pitching in, too.

From cooking to cleaning to taking out the trash, everyone works together, making the most of their situation.

Jana Hill, Red Cross Augusta Chapter Board Member, enjoys seeing old friends again.

“There were so many people who were here last year that really enjoyed the experience, if you can say enjoy, but were really, really heartfelt by the experience, and they were gonna be the same evacuees again this year, so their first choice was to come back here, which was a real complement to us.”

The shelter is now at capacity.

But everyone has a place to shower, sleep and eat.

Volunteer DiAnn Peeples confirms the shelter reached capacity last night.

“187, I believe, is the number that we are able to hold, so we have another shelter that’s opening up that we can refer people to.”

Volunteers are referring additional self-evacuees to the Henry Brigham Center.

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