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SAIL school opens its doors to parents and students


Columbia County’s School for Arts-Infused Learning (SAIL) held its open house tonight. Despite worries of traffic being a problem, the night moved along smoothly. Parents were lined up down the road to get into SAIL’s open house. The arts charter school will use art as a form of learning in all their classes and will have several dance, drama, and music activities. The staff believe this is something Augusta has wanted for some time. “It really wasn’t just about what Columbia county was looking for but taught the Greater Augusta area was looking for," says staff member Kristy Zgol.

And parents are overwhelmed with the opportunities this school will offer for their creative children. “It is great, I mean I tell you, it’s one of the best things that could’ve happened to this area. Especially for kids who are interested in the arts, especially for kids who want a more modernized environment and different environment from all the other schools," says Ty Williams.

With a waiting list stretching over 500 children long…the school is a gem for the community. “To be able to just learn that way, people don’t realize that science is an art and math is an art and I think it’s a really fundamental way to teach," says Tiffany Abe-Hromada.

The tucked away school plans to be a catalyst for the Greater Augusta area and encourage the growth of more charter school. “Well we’re hoping that it’s the beginning of a charter movement. Because we have over 500 students on our waiting list, which shows that parents in this community and this area are looking for school choices," says Zgol.

A movement that will help mold the young minds of the future. SAIL’s first day of school is Wednesday, August 16th.

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