High 5 4 Kids: Jonathan Lnariof

High 5 4 Kids: Jonathan Lnariof

RUTLEDGE, GA (WFXG) - Camp Rainbow: Where challenges become victories. This week, we high five one camper for overcoming cancer. Jonathan, an energetic third grader, wins daily as a cancer survivor. Like most kids, he headed out for camp last week.

Participants love water sports, sports, and much more for six days. ...Especially when enjoying relaxing after afternoon events.

Jonathan commented, "I rode horses, biked, and kayaked." They even got involved in Fun Runs. Jonathan painted his Camp Coordinator, or supervisor, Kym's shirt: "I just painted it all purple on her back."

This is one family affair! Jonathan said nothing could be better than an enjoyable week near his brother. They worked together to accomplish goals.

"I love to paddle boat with my brother," Jonathan said.

These boys took one week off of their routines, leaving hospital surroundings.

Like most CHOG kids, kids with cancer, recent cancer diagnosis, joint disorders, etcetera, Jonathan thanks Augusta University staff:

"We can have fun in the water with other people."

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