High 5 4 Kids: Katherine Ivey and Victoria Vallatton

High 5 4 Kids: Katherine Ivey and Victoria Vallatton

(WFXG) - Teens Katherine and Victoria live with a disability every day of their lives. Like most kids, they're headed to camp this week.

Katherine Ivy/ Camper

"This is a really special time because I get to hang out with my friends that I love, and I just love spending time with them."

They say camp is their time to do some their favorite things.

Victoria Vallotton/ Camper

"I did trampoline, swimming in the lake, and arts and crafts, and kayaking, and canoeing."

Not only do they get to see their friends, but also they get to hang out with their moms. Who, by the way, started Camp IVEY.

Sterling Ivey/ Camp IVEY Founder

"Even though it is my last name, they wanted me to know that it stood for "Inspiring Very Exceptional Youth" and when they told me that I knew the name was perfect for this camp."

Both moms want to ensure their children don't miss out on summer fun.

These young ladies, along with twenty-four other campers are using emotional and physical activities to prove they can do anything!

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