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Locals want more space at the Nike Peach Jam

Locals want more space at Nike Peach Jam (wfxg) Locals want more space at Nike Peach Jam (wfxg)

The Nike Peach Jam wrapped up on July 16, with the championship game. All this week high school basketball players had a chance to show off their skills at the Riverview Park Activities Center. FOX 54s Miya Payton spoke to people who say this year, space and parking was limited.

Cars parked everywhere even on top of hills, all to see the end of the Nike Peach Jam. Right now there are only four gyms. Which means limited space for people inside. Basketball Coach Darrell Curry says every day has been packed. Hopefully that will not be an issue for long because two new gyms are being built. "Yesterday a parent couldn't get in because it was so crowded. But the two gyms will definitely help for more space and more opportunity for people to see the games they want." The coach also says those gyms are needed especially for big games. "Shaq's son and Manute Bol's son playing brad bill elite game there was only so much space. People just want to see that game."

Lucus Mcmahan loves coming to the Nike Peach Jam but he is desperately wanting the gyms to be complete. He says he had to stand to watch the last game because no seats were available.
"If you get there a little late people will already be in and you have to fight your way in there. So it is really hard to get a spot. That is why we come pretty early just so we can get a decent seat."

But until those gym are finished seating is based on priority says Coach Curry. "The security guards say if there is a younger team in the building they come in first -- and then parents get priority. But it gets so crowded and when people try open doors they all barge in and it is hard to see what parents are waiting outside."

Parking organizers say this has been the biggest year yet for the number of people attending.

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