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S.C. Superintendent addresses concerns over failing Allendale Co. Schools


On Monday, South Carolina Superintendent Molly Spearman declared a state of emergency for schools in Allendale County. That means the state has lost all confidence the district can adequately educate its students.

Spearman says teachers who are under contract will continue to work at their respective schools and there will be a search to add more. But there is no word yet on whether or not these classrooms sizes will increase or decrease as part of the State of Emergency. 

The decision comes as no surprise to many. Spearman spoke with the community several weeks addressing these failing schools. What she saw was no plan in place to improve these failing schools. "3 of the 4 schools in Allendale are currently on the state priority school list meaning they are in the bottom 5% academically of all schools in the state of South Carolina," says Spearman.

Allendale Elementary, Allendale Fairfax Middle and High School are on the list. But district wide classroom performances have been sinking for years.  
Spearman stressed that this isn't a result from underfunding as the district receives over $17,000 per student in local, state, and federal funds - one of the highest for any district in South Carolina.

"The Allendale County School district has continually received additional state funds over the years but has still failed to produce results," explains Spearman.

The first step into the State of Emergency is appointing Dr. Walter Tobin as the new district superintendent to oversee. A change she hopes that brings stability; something that she say's is lacking in Allendale County. "I think there's been an unstable leadership there and continually turning over of principals and superintendents. We've got to get some stability there and we have to get the right people in place and I think Dr. Tobin is a huge step in that direction," says Spearman.

FOX 54 has made several calls to the Allendale school district for comment, they have yet to return our calls. 

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