High 5 4 Kids: Madison Harwell

High 5 4 Kids: Madison Harwell

EVANS, GA (WFXG) - College is tough. Taking college courses and finishing high school at the same time is tougher. For sixteen-year-old Madison Harwell, it's just another day in academia.

At this rate, Madison will have her Associate's degree by the time she graduates from High School. Online schooling has allowed her to do what she loves most. "I'll have much more time to focus on golf in college and hopefully play division one golf," says Madison. "Then, I can just focus on whatever I'm majoring in."

University of Georgia and Augusta University are her two main prospects for college. And after that, she's hoping to get her tour card and play professionally.
The old adage 'Do what you love and you won't have to work a day in your life' was her inspiration. "I don't know, it's just fun to me. And, of course, living in Augusta I've grown up around the golf atmosphere. So, that's definitely had a huge impact."

She says online courses allow school to work around her schedule. "I am not a morning person, so it's definitely helped because I always want to come to the golf course when the sun's out. And at night's when I'll be doing most of my school work."

Spending a weekend at this year's Masters tournament fueled her desire to achieve her dreams. "Going to the Masters, looking up to all my golf idols--Jordan Spieth, Jason Day--they're just so inspiring doing what hopefully I'll do one day."

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