Slam Dunk! Home Run! aims to help communicate to children with disabilities

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - A class project at Augusta University has turned into an educational comic now available on your smart devices. Slam Dunk! Home Run! is A 3D Comic that teaches kids and teachers how to interact with children with disabilities.

"It's much better than what we thought when we first started because we didn't think it was going to get anywhere like this," says one of the founders, Cole Janousek. It all started as a summer project for Jonousek and 2 of his classmates. The special education major students and their professor wanted to do something nontraditional that summer.

"I thought it was another project we had to do. Then when we talked more about it and I knew more about it I said this is pretty cool," Cole says.

Slam Dunk! Home Run! focuses on teaching people how to properly communicate with kids with disabilities. It does that through Sports and since Cole was a baseball player his input was highly valued.

But towards the end, one thing changed for the print comic. To reach more people and be cheaper, the team decided turning it into a digital copy would be better. That's where the Department of Technology team came in.

"We're able to push updates, now it's set up in 3 languages in English, Spanish and Chinese. As we want to add more languages we can push those updates out to people who already have the comic," says Director of Department of Technology for Enhanced Learning Education, Jeff Mastromonico.

The comic has taken the app world by storm. For Cole who is a graduate and accepted a special education teacher position, he wants the message of this book to be simple "Help kids see that they're just like you and me. That they have a little bit of something that's a little bit different and the more you know about someone who's different than you, the less different they become."

Slam Dunk! Home Run! is available through the app store for free.

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