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Despite Study; Entrepreneurs say Augusta is a great city to start career


A new study about life in the C-S-R-A has some locals pretty upset. WalletHub is ranking Augusta the third worst city in the nation to start a career. 

Downtown Augusta to some is a pinnacle of opportunities. Small Businesses are starting to become a regular part of the scenery for folks passing by. 
This under the shadow of a Wallet Hub study ranking Augusta 148th out of 150 when it comes to the worst places in the country to start a career.

"When I first came to downtown Augusta I felt like this was a gem, a diamond in the rough that was somewhat overlooked," says Imagine Beauty Loft owner, Sydney Lofton. She opened her store in April during Masters Week and says she already has plans of expanding.

The study looked at average starting salaries, employment opportunities, and even length of work days.

Also on Broad Street, 26-year-old entrepreneur Theron Stephens is having success at his store, Shoe Gods. Stephens says numbers don't lie. When his store opened in February 2016 until May 2017, his store brought in close to $500,000.00 in sales. Citing Augusta was a reason he wanted to open his store.

"Augusta is such a small city but if you think about it the biggest golf tournament of the world is here in Augusta. Right across the bridge you have the biggest high school basketball tournament in the world where athletes from LeBron James to Kobe Bryant played. Expansion is on the horizon for him as well. He plans on opening a milkshake shop within the next couple of months.

 Both entrepreneurs believe Augusta is part of the reason they're successful. "If you're an entrepreneur, if you have a dream, if you have a drive, Augusta is perfect for planting and growing." explains Lofton.

WalletHub used data from the federal government that's more than two years old.

Click on this link for the full report.

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