High 5 4 Kids: Kameryn Cooper

WAYNESBORO, GA (WFXG) - This week on High 5 4 Kids, we're introducing you to a 5th grader who's known by many as the hardest-working students in school.

"Sometimes, I barely have time to do other stuff at home so my life is very full of stuff." It seems there's never enough time in the day for Kameryn Cooper. This 5th grader at SGA elementary gets excited whenever she flips open a book from one of her favorite classes. "I like math because I really like finding out what problems are, I just really like math and science. I like to know about nature and stuff and sciences all about that."

Kameryn is a straight-A student and she's known throughout the school as someone who's dedicated to everything she touches. Just ask the principal at SGA Elementary, Joshua Brantley. "She wants to do what's right. She makes great decisions. She's dedicated to whatever she does. She dedicates herself and makes sure she does it the best you can with this; her schoolwork, leadership, friendship or cheerleading."

She makes her mark after school as well. Kameryn is a top contender on the cheer squad, but she remembers it wasn't always like this. "Whenever I started cheer, I wasn't very good at many things like most of the other girls were and I started working. As the years went on, I finally got a lot better."

And she's still not satisfied. Her goal is to become one of the best in the state of Georgia. All while doing her homework in the car before practice. She says her family is what keeps her motivated. "That makes me feel very good to know that my parents are happy with everything I'm doing and home growing and how I'm getting better as the days go on."

As she enters a new chapter in middle school, she'll never lose sight of her everyday goal: to simply be the best she can be. Kameryn says when she's older she wants to become a lawyer or a nurse.

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