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Columbia County's revised sign ordinance takes next step toward law

The next stop for the sign ordinance is county commission on May 2nd; WFXG. The next stop for the sign ordinance is county commission on May 2nd; WFXG.

Columbia County's revised sign ordinance is yet another step closer to become the new standard for local businesses, large and small.
The Planning and Zoning Commission voted to approve the Chamber of Commerce's ordinance.

The chamber has been crafting and fine-tuning this ordinance since last August, and it is confident in its new rules.
But there is still more work to do.

"We've made really, really good progress," said Tammy Shepherd, president of Columbia County's Chamber of Commerce. "However, there is still a couple of points we would still like to have won. Especially for our small businesses."

The chamber wants to increase the size cap for small businesses less than 10,000 square feet, have the ability to allow covered pylon signs instead of monument signs, and allow window signs.
It is important to note that covered pylon signs would only be allowed through a variance for special cases.
Some people see this as a way for small businesses to remain competitive.

"Small businesses are always very conscious of the financial obligations that they enter into and marketing is very important," said Larry Lynn, owner of Allegra Marketing and Printing.
"And efficient ways of marketing is very valuable to them."

And window signs are certainly efficient ways of marketing.

"It's an opportunity and a very cost-efficient way to present their best message to their best prospects," said Lynn

The current sign ordinance does not allow signs in windows at all, but it is loosely enforced.
The chamber of commerce is still fighting to get the allowances it wants for window signage: half of a business' window space could have signs placed in them without consequence, and window perfs can be stuck on 100 percent of the window space, barring the entry doors.

"Unfortunately, many times, the only way it gets enforced is when someone else complains," he said.

Though, tonight's vote has him optimistic that the county's moving in the right direction.

"I think that in the next two readings, we're going to have an opportunity to put input to the commissioners for some of the small areas that are left to make this an excellent regulation that the county can use and be proud of," said Lynn.

And those next two readings are coming up with the Board of Commissioners soon. One is May 2nd and the other May 16th.

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