Family trapped in Heard Ave home after storm

Family trapped in Heard Ave home after storm
Tree down on Walton Way at 13th St (WFXG)

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - One family says they are blessed to be alive after being trapped inside of their home for twenty minutes during today's storms. They tell us they huddled inside while snapped power lines whipped around the property and tree limbs slammed into the house.

They said they were in their home playing video games when they heard a loud boom, It was this tree that fell on top of their home trapping them inside.

"To be honest me and him both, our life just flashed before our eyes after that." For Brandon Miller and his younger brothers, they say this is one Spring Break they will never forget. "I heard all the trees rumbling So I just went up to the front and as I came up to the front I heard the tree fall and the wires popped and the sparks came from it."

Around 3:00 p.m., their home on Heard Avenue, like many others, was caught right in the middle of the strong winds. Power lines knocked out, trees uprooted from the ground and tons of damage done to several homes. Miller says his two younger brothers and he were playing videos games. "No kind of sign of it, like we just seen it happening. Happening so quick, like fifteen seconds quick."

Everything changed. "I legit thought something was about to explode when I saw it spark. Just a while ago it was popping and popping." Brandon says he tried to get out but couldn't and called their dad. He arrived just as crews did and the trio of brothers were able to get out safely. The family says they are blessed to have no injuries and instead of dwelling on what could have gone wrong, they are making light of this scary situation.

Justin Harris says he didn't know what was going on so one thing was on his mind. "I saw everything come down so I sat back down, it really didn't scare me I was like what the. I looked down at my phone and the wifi was gone, so I was very mad."

The family is safe and in a hotel tonight, while their home is repaired. Most of Heard Avenue is still without power.

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