High 5 4 Kids: Lauren Walker

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - This week on High 5 4 Kids, we introduce you to a 7th grader who's been in the national spelling bee, plays the saxophone, and holds a 4.0 GPA. 
She's also taking some high school level classes.

Hard work pays off. "I just started off doing it for the fun of it and now it's like I have an adrenaline rush and people know me," says Lauren Walker. She admits, she didn't think she would be successful in her first spelling bee competition. "I thought it was beginners luck when I first won county and I just kept doing it."

After that, it was no turning back for this Davidson 7th grader. She's currently the 4 time Richmond County Spelling Champion and made it to the National Spelling Bee Contest in Washington, DC.

But besides being a great speller, Walker holds a 4.0 GPA, takes 9th grade biology and loves playing the saxophone. She credits that success to her past spelling bee competitions.

"When I started practicing and when I started learning it actually helped me in the long run as well." Despite next year being her last competition, Lauren says she hopes this will motivate anyone that's looking to try something new. "I think that you should just go for it and see how far life takes you because if you practice and study hard enough you can reach anything."

Walker says she plans on attending Duke University to study neuroscience, but wouldn't turn down a career in acting.

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