Can the low water levels at Lake Thurmond affect your summer plans

Can the low water levels at Lake Thurmond affect your summer plans

Lake Thurmond is experiencing one of its lowest water levels in years. What once was 80,000 acres full of water is no more.

"A few years back It dropped down to 310 it was pretty hectic out here," says Dykes who's been bringing his family out here for over 20 years is talking about a number that represents mean sea level. To you and me that means the lake has dropped 10 feet in just  a few short years.  And low levels to him mean fewer people coming out. "It's hurting the recreation of the lake many boaters and jet skiers don't come out because of the lowness of the water"

"We've been calls for a couple of months now from folks wanting to know what will the lake levels look like in the summer," says Scott Hyatt, Operations Project Manager at Lake Thurmond.

Hyatt says water levels are always the topic of discussion around this time of year. The lake is measured by elevation and the comfortable number they want is 330.  And low levels can potentially mean a higher chance of risks in the waters. "Anytime somebody is boating outside of the channel we urge them to be very cautious take your time make sure you're aware of your surroundings."

But despite the decrease in numbers, folks say they will still come out. For Dykes, he recommends anyone planning to get in the water this summer to watch how far you go out. "The safety ropes actually laying on the ground so if you take a chance to go out further you would hit deeper water quicker."

Hyatt says for the year the lake is behind 16 inches of rainfall

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