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How subfreezing temperatures means South Carolina loses out on millions


With freezing temperatures, there's been a lot at risk this week including crops. And it's because of the cold weather that farmers in South Carolina are now at risk of losing around $60 million.

"This cold freeze could be damaging to crops that began to grow in anticipation of consistently warm weather," says LaRahna Hughes, a Farmer and Lead Organizer with Rural Aiken. Early season crops that are at risk are Strawberries, Blueberries and Peaches.

"In the case of peaches if those blooms are damaged there is no chance of recovery there won't be fruit that comes."

Hughes says Peaches are the main stream of income for many South Carolina farmers large and small. But because of the temperatures millions of dollars are expected to be lost. 

Aside from peaches being one of the main money makers in South Carolina for farmers the cold weather also affected strawberries. For the past two mornings in Aiken from 2am until 9, they've experienced subfreezing temperatures. Many of these early season crops can't survive under 25 degrees for an extended period. Hughes says she hopes that warm weather is on the way.  "You are at the mercy of the elements, If you can change the temperatures it would be nice to have the mid 70 degree weather all the way to spring but unfortunately we can't control that."

Depending on the weather for the remainder of the season, it will determine what we see in terms of prices of these fruits in grocery stories like farmers market.

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