High 5 4 Kids: Mason Roundtree

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - This week on our High 5 4 Kids segment, we're introducing you to an 11-year-old YouTuber who's already interviewed people like the Richmond County Marshall and the Augusta Supreme Judge. Mason Roundtree started watching YouTube videos and curiosity began to unfold.

"It inspired me to make a lot of videos so five months ago I started making videos and I started getting subscribers and I've been asking people," says Mason. Since he started, he's had more than 150 subscribers from making videos all by being himself. Though he must admit editing isn't his favorite part. "I edit sometimes you just have to pick videos and pick the type of music you want."

So far Mason's curiosity has led him to interviewing officials such as the Augusta Supreme court judge and Newly Elected Marshal Ramone Lamkin. "There he was done during his interview on the news I came over and I had the phone like this and just ask them questions," says Roundtree. His parents witnessed how serious their son took the craft of making videos, interviewing people, and making a masterpiece out of it.

"After a while it became a passion and next thing you know he was doing YouTube videos interviewing important people around the city," says Raleigh Roundtree, Masons Father. But what they're most proud of is how their straight A student is already making a name for himself in the community.

"If it's something you want to do don't let other people influence you because there's always going to be naysayers in the world," says Raleigh.

And for this 5th Grader he knows the possibilities are endless for where his camera can take him.

"I still have a lot to learn but I'll get it eventually," says Mason. He sees himself becoming an NFL or WWE star, but his backup plan is to have a career in front of the camera.

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