Numerous projects in the works and aesthetic changes coming to Grovetown

Numerous projects in the works and aesthetic changes coming to Grovetown

GROVETOWN, GA (WFXG) - The population of Grovetown is projected to grow in size by 1,000 people a year for the next four to five years.

"Between now and 2019, we expect to have an additional 1,000 family units ready for move-in," says John Waller, Grovetown's director of planning and development.

Waller's no stranger to management, serving 27 years in the army as a logistics officer.
With a city population of about 14,000 expected to boom, his experience is proving invaluable.

"It's a challenge because the people come and they come rapidly and sometimes we have a hard time catching up," said Waller.

Grovetown has a combined 20 residential and commercial projects waiting in the wings, drawing even more people.
And more people requires more management and tax increases don't trail too far behind.

"We do need to look hard and we're looking right now at the 2018 budget and what we need to allocate for in terms of additional staff to make sure the services that are going to the citizens are commensurate with what people expect," said Waller.

A new city planner position will be opening soon, in order to cope with the growth.
Managing the population spike while maintaining the small-town feel is a game of give and take.

"It's a double-edged sword," he said. "Everybody wants growth and the money that comes with it, but the downside of that is there's more traffic, there's more congestion, the county's trying to keep up with the number of schools they're putting in."

Waller and the rest of city management are ready to put the city in a position for continued success.

"It's an exciting time to be here," he said. "I'm thrilled. It keeps us busy and we see a bright future ahead for Grovetown."

Two Grovetown projects are finishing up soon--Sonic will be opening later this month and Walmart on May 3rd.
Sprint Foodmart and a self-storage facility will open in the city shortly thereafter.

As far as road work goes, construction on Wrightsboro Road and Robinson Avenue is expected to finish in October.
Robinson Avenue will be widened, sidewalks, grass islands separating traffic, and a traffic light.

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