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Update: Grandfather being charged with 2nd-grader bringing gun to school; How parents should address a loaded gun to their child


According to the Richmond County Sheriff's Office, Reginald Farmer is being charged with contributing to the delinquency of a minor. Farmer's grandson, a 2nd grader, bought a loaded gun to Ct Walker Magnet School Tuesday.
Farmer was booked yesterday afternoon and was released several hours later on bond. There's no word yet if Farmer is facing any additional charges.
School officials say that the child did threaten several teachers with the gun.

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After Tuesday's Scare at CT Walker Magnet School, many parents are still in shock.
A 2nd grader bought a loaded gun to the school... and School Officials say he actually threatened three teachers.

After word got out that a loaded gun was brought to school the only concern for parents was the safety of their own kids. Now that the threat has passed, the real question is how does a parent address this incident with a 7 or 8 years old?

The staff at CT Walker Magnet have a new appreciation for the unexpected tonight.

"As long as she's not scared I'm not worried about it," says one parent, Thomas Mitchell. He found out about the 2nd grader bringing a loaded gun to school from his 7th Grader. His first thought was security should've been an officer at the school when that happened. "there was no officer here so that's a concern right there."

And for many parents coping with the thought of a loaded gun in your child's school is difficult.

"A second-grader is not going to fully grasp the whole situation that's going on and often times children turn to the adults in their lives really model their reaction to it," says Dr. Dale Peeples a Psychiatrist at the Medical College of Georgia. He says parents need to display a calm about incidents like this. The opposite can have a lasting impact.  
"Anxiety in school, avoidance, generalized worry about the safety of themselves the safety of their family."

Despite the difficulty, Peeples says it's a good idea to use this as a teaching moment to talk about the dangers of a loaded gun. "Push home that message that these are not toys this is dangerous they need to inform an adult if they ever come across a firearm."

Parents too can learn perhaps an even more valuable lesson from this. "Just be careful and be aware of what your child brings from the house keep your weapons locked up and out of reach," says Mitchell.

The Richmond County Board of Education say they aren't releasing any information now.

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