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UPDATE: Person arrested in connection with New Ellenton explosives

Law enforcement investigating IEDs in New Ellenton (WFXG) Law enforcement investigating IEDs in New Ellenton (WFXG)

UPDATE:  Investigators are still trying to obtain warrants for 31-year-old Michael Barnwell, the suspect behind bars in connection with these handmade devices.

"I can't believe there's IED's in our little town in new Ellington," says neighbor Marcia Glover.

She called New Ellenton Law Enforcement last night when she saw the flames right next door to her house. She says neighborhood fires are common, but this one didn't seem like just another fire. "They were going all the way across where these woods are right here." 

And what she thought was just a brush fire, turned out to be something even more frightening.

An IED or what the Aiken County Sheriff's Office is calling it, a handmade device.

"We know that this device has to be lit and somebody is placing those items in those various locations where there have been some fires," says Capt. Eric Abdullah, with the Aiken County Sheriff's Office.

Within the past week, there have been several brush fires. And today, Aiken Officials count 3 handmade devices just along whiskey road that went off. "Sled and ATF has done some evidence collection so they're going to start their analysis along with our investigators as well and we'll make a determination of exactly what it is."

And for neighbors like Marcia, she hopes they'll find these devices soon. "It's scary you know because there's no way to protect yourself from stuff like this."

UPDATE: The Aiken County Sheriff's Office has arrested a suspect in connection with the handmade explosives.

31-year-old Michael Barnwell who lives on Tropical Lane in New Ellenton has been arrested. 

Investigators are obtaining warrants for 8 counts of manufacturing, possession or use of a destructive device. Officials say other charges may be forthcoming as the investigation continues.

UPDATE: In an afternoon press conference, the Aiken County Sheriff's Office gave an update on the investigation into explosive devices that have been found in New Ellenton.

According to Capt. Eric Abdullah, the sheriff's office has a person of interest in the investigation. At least five devices have been found, many of them near fires. It's been determined that the devices are made of PVC with a fuse and have to be lit manually. The devices that have been located will be send to labs for testing.

The FBI, SLED, Aiken County Sheriff's Office and New Ellenton Police Department are all involved in the investigation.

UPDATE: We now know more information about the situation in New Ellenton.

According to the Aiken County Sheriff's Office, five explosive "homemade devices" have been found in the past week. The devices are made of PVC piping. Officials say that the devices are not capable of doing "significant" damage, so no homes are believed to be in danger.

Officials warn the public to be cautious. If you come across a suspicious device, do not touch it and call 911 immediately.

UPDATE: A section of Old Whiskey Road in Aiken County has been closed off after law enforcement officials discovered what they believe to be another device.

ORIGINAL STORY: Several law enforcement agencies are investigating several explosive "homemade devices" found in the City of New Ellenton overnight.

According to SLED officials, the New Ellenton Police Department responded to a brush fire overnight from Thursday, Jan. 12 to Friday, Jan. 13. SLED was called in to assist. SLED says they brought in their bomb disposal unit and rendered the devices safe.

Sheriff Michael Hunt tells FOX 54 that the Aiken County Sheriff's Office will be taking the lead on this investigation.

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