South Carolina residents will need two forms of ID to fly

South Carolina residents will need two forms of ID to fly

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - A new push by the TSA will change what South Carolinian's will need to bring to the airport. Beginning in 2018 state issued drivers licenses will no longer be enough to get you in the air. Within the last two weeks  the TSA has started putting up signs in airports across the country, informing travelers of some upcoming changes.  Residents from 9 different states will no longer be able to use their state ids to fly. Beginning January 2018 a South Carolina driver's license will no longer be a valid form of identification to get through TSA, meaning south Carolinian's will have to get a second form of id like a military I.D or a passport.
 "Last year I flew ten family members to Houston for a family wedding that would have been a thousand dollars just for Id that scares the daylights out of me," said Gloria Driver who is traveling for the holiday.

The new changes are because South Carolina's ID's are not in compliance with the REAL ID act of 2005. The act asks that states require an additional identity verification from a federal level before issuing ID's. Some believe the new implementations are unnecessary for domestic travel.
 "They could have been there for their whole life they had to get their license some how they had to use some form of identification to get their license so it should serve," said Derrick Austin who is also a traveler.

But others agree that TSA should do whatever is necessary to keep passengers safe
"But it's a security measure and if its going to help keep trouble down then I'm all for it," said Driver.

Travelers are also concerned that having to present two forms of Identification will increase waiting times but Driver believes it will soon become the norm.
 "In the beginning people will get used to it. Its just like walking everybody to the gate and we cant do that anymore and we're used to it now," said Driver.
It takes about four weeks after applying to receive your passport.

Residents from the following states will need two forms of identification: Kentucky, Maine, Minnesota, Missouri, Montana, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, South Carolina and Washington.

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