Students in Augusta participate in the National Hour of Code

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - Students from A.R. Johnson high school are learning more about how a computer really works. Wednesday's "National Hour of Code" encourages teenagers to learn more about computer programing. About 30 students gathered at the to learn something new. It was a day dedicated to learning the magic behind computers,helping these young adults prepare for the future.

"I want to be as well-rounded as possible in the future and be able to like engineer everything from coding to construction to design," said Noah Smith, who is a Senior at A.R Johnson.

In a society where computers are at every turn, experts  say it's crucial for teenagers to learn how they work.

"So it's kind of the literacy for the next generation. If you learn to code then you can teach yourself more math and engineering, things that are going to apply tour everyday life just more and more," said Curtis Lambert, a Lead Technologist at Booz Allen Hamilton.

These students learned how to write code, and how to use electricity to make musical instruments.

"Technology is where our future is. As technology advances we need more and more interested in advancing with it,"  said Jessica Grider, Booz Allen Hamilton's Community Outreach Lead.

Administrators at A.R. Johnson recognize the need for computer training outside of the classroom.

"This morning I said raise your hand if you've ever used code and there was one kid that raised their hand," said Laurie Grove who is the Media Specialist at A. R Johnson.

And after just one day, Noah has a message for others who may be interested.

"Its not as hard as it seems."

And it's something that school officials hope will continue.

"We need to be globally competitive and learning code is definitely something we want to keep, " said Laurie Grove.

Each student was able to take home a small, single board computer to practice on at home.

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