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GHSA rule moves Thomson vs. Jefferson state semi-final football game

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A location change for Friday's football state semi-final game between Thomson and Jefferson has sparked controversy.

Jefferson was originally set to host the game at their stadium, near Athens, but a last minute change has them traveling to Thomson.

The season was supposed to be done at the Brickyard.

Thomson lost the coin toss on who would host the state semifinal game -- but the
Georgia High School Association overrode that coin toss -- and said Jefferson doesn't have enough seating to host the game. 

Up until Monday -- the Bulldogs were supposed to be playing at Jefferson. The school had even prepped the field. 
That all changed Monday, when Jefferson was told they were about 800 seats short of the requirement to host the game.

"When you are both number 1 seeds, it goes to the team that meets the requirements. So in all actuality, there should've never been a coin flip at all.
We should've had it off the bat Friday," said Thomson Head Coach Rob Ridings.

Why did a coin flip happen at all?

Coach Ridings says confusion on what counts as seating. The Brickyard has 1,700 over the requirement.

"There was confusion on some behalfs that misunderstood things, they had brought it portable seating, which at this game, the semifinal game, you can't use
that in your county. It has to be permanent seating or seating that was put in by professionals," said Ridings.

Jefferson fans are understandably upset and it doesn't help their only loss this season was against Thomson in September, but coaches say there is nothing they can do now, it's game time.

"Change in venue happened Monday, the kids knew before practice, we hope it sharpened their edge somewhat, we are going to prepare and hope to represent well," said Jefferson coach Ben Hall.

Jefferson is a familiar foe to Thomson. Jefferson's only loss of the season came to Thomson back in September by a score of 42-40. Kickoff is set for 7:30 p.m. Friday night.

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