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REMINDER: Don't throw leaves down storm drains

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This week, the CSRA got some much-needed rain.

But, the heavy downpour made way for another problem--leaves clogging the drains.

A lot of folks around Augusta aren't even aware that there's a law on the books making it illegal to dump your leaves and grass clippings down the drain.

Now that the city is focused on building a strong storm water program, officials plan to enforce it.

"Of course, it's fall. You see a lot of leaves that are falling and getting into the catch basins," said engineering director Abie Ladson.

And getting them out is a top priority for the engineering department.

Ladson said, "If you get enough of them in there, they can actually clog the system up."

Not only that, if the leaves begin to decay, it can create issues with the water quality.

So, city officials have decided to dip into the pot of storm water funds to regularly sweep the streets and maintain the drains.

But, just how much does all of this cost?

"You may be looking at $200 per manhole, depending on how bad the issue is," said Ladson.

With 41,000 utility holes in the City of Augusta at last count, Ladson said it's important for residents to do their part to keep the drains clear.

"Do not blow the leaves and the grass clippings into the catch basins," said Ladson.

If you're caught dumping into the drains, you might have to pay up!

Violators could spend six months behind bars and end up paying upwards of $1,000.

Lawn care professionals recommend either bagging your leaves to have them hauled away or using a lawnmower with a mulching function that will turn the foliage into fertilizer for your lawn.

Ladson said the partnership between residents and engineers will be the key to keeping these structures viable for decades to come.

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