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Groundbreaking ceremony held for new Cyber Command

Groundbreaking for Cyber Command Center (WFXG) Groundbreaking for Cyber Command Center (WFXG)

Cyber Command is expected to bring in more jobs in the next few years. It's also filling a great need: security in the cyber world. It may seem like just a regular rainy Tuesday. But this day marks progress in the cyber security world.

"This is indeed a monumental day in the next step in the transformation of Fort Gordon," says Major John B Morrison.

There's a growing need for cyber security across our country. And right here in the CSRA is where the new US Army Cyber Command Headquarters will be.
With a target opening date set for late 2020, the headquarters is expected to cost around $180 million and take up nearly 300,00 thousand square feet. And it means more jobs coming to our area.

"You're looking at not only jobs from a construction standpoint but beyond that, we're going to be employing both civilian and military the professionals who will be the cyber security tip of the sphere for the nation and certainly for our military." Mayor Hardie Davis says that Augusta has been in a transition phase for the past couple of years and with this new addition, the city is going to continue to see expansion. "We're going to see new homes being built whether it's multi-family housing units or single family residences you're going to see all those types of investments being made when you think about the population growth that's taken place as results of this effort."

And General Paul Nakasone expects this to be another step in solidifying America's stance on cyber security. "Eighty percent of our forces are military but the other twenty percent are civilian so civilians have a very important role that are going to play in the future of not only army cyber headquarters but our cyber mission forces in general."

The first phase of construction is expected to be completed in May 2018, and the second phase should be finished by early 2019. Officials are eyeing late 2020 for the headquarters to be fully operational.

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