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Augusta Training shop helping individuals overcome challenges


Talent does not  discriminate and the Augusta training shop proves that every day.

Snowflakes of all shapes and sizes cover the inside of the Augusta training shop. But you won't find these at the north pole because they're handcrafted by the shop's employees. The Augusta training shop employs adults who are mentally or physically challenged and helps them find a passion.

Bobbie Prescott who has worked at the shop for five years, says she's proud to tell everyone about her work. "I tell everyone, you know I got a job and sometimes its like you work?."

Employees at the shop create intricate snowflakes and beautifully hand crafted furniture. "I think that all of our employees are artisans," said Audrey Murrell, The shop's Executive Director.

The opportunity to develop a craft and see the product of their hard work gives the employees a chance some say they never thought they would have. Prescott says she enjoys taking old furniture and making it look brand new. Every employee is paid for the work they do at the shop.

"They could just be sitting at home but they'd rather be out giving meaningful work and provide the community with affordable services," said Audrey Murrell.

All employees are trained on the job and they're guaranteed employment for as long as the shop is open.

"It really has been a wonderful pleasure to be here, and learn so much and still learning," Prescott said.

Employees say they enjoy the chance to learn new things, produce wonderful artwork and make lasting friendships. Each snowflake comes with a biography of the person who made it. Prices range from $12 to $125. They can be purchased at the shop or online.

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