Longhorn in Aiken helps feed families in need

Longhorn in Aiken helps feed families in need

AIKEN, SC (WFXG) - The holidays are quickly approaching  and many families are already preparing their menus. But many people aren't sure if they will be able to afford the extra food. One restaurant is  doing its part to put food on the table for families.

Every week, chefs at Longhorn steakhouse in Aiken prepare tons of food, not intended for a customer's table. Fresh fish, chicken, steak and potatoes are some of the items that go to out to Fox 54's community partner Golden Harvest food pantry.

"A lot of time soup kitchen meals are thrown together with whatever we can find, so we do our best to make them taste good and make them healthy. But it's always a treat when we've got delicious restaurant food like Longhorns to add to the mix, " said Ashley Siler who is the Executive  Marketing Director at Golden Harvest.

One out of every six  people in Aiken face hunger everyday, and Siler says so often those people feel forgotten.

"The fact that local restaurants are jumping in and saying 'hey, we can help and we're going to help,' I think that makes people feel real connected their city and real connected to their community, " said Siler.

With the holidays approaching, many families cannot afford the extra grocery bill.

"It's just a lot of extra expenses at the holidays but luckily for us this is the time a lot of people step up and want to help out more," Siler explained.

Matt Hood, who is a manager at Longhorn says this cause is special to his team.

"Actually a lot of the team members that have come to me over the years at one point or another in life were in need of this so it really helps me make a connection with my team here," said Hood.

The food is sorted, seasoned and cooked in the restaurant just like any other dine-in meal would be. Then it's frozen and stored for Wednesday pickup.

"Being in a smaller community like Aiken we get to actually see the repercussions of some of the positive contributions we provide," said Hood.
Longhorn has partnered with Golden Harvest since 2013 and together they have provided more than 70,000 meals to families in Aiken.

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