Voters in Augusta hit the polls early

In the CSRA, voters were up early to cast their votes. So many people were eager to participate. Some, for the very first time.

With the sun just barely up and the temperature just below 50 degrees, voters across the C-S-R-A knew they had to hit the polls.

"It's a privilege to vote, so you should get out and exercise your vote," said Tony Jones.

"Voters said this election was very important to them. Polling locations across the city saw a constant flow of voters, beginning at 7 a.m.

"It's a very important election for this country, probably the most important election in history," said voter Bo Slendak.

Slendak said that this election season has been unlike any he has ever seen. Another voter, Cassandra Floyd feels it's her duty to cast her ballot.

"I always vote. I'm passionate about voting, I'm passionate about community service. Not only my self-interest but the interest of my children as well," said Floyd.

Voting is so important to Floyd, she prepares for the election a week in advance.

"I have mine pre-filled out so I know what I'm voting for, not just picking and selecting, " she says.

Floyd passed down the pride of voting to her children. One of them will vote for the first time today.

"Even when they were little we took them to the polling place to vote so that they can see how you get involved and how you do it."

Another first-time voter says he felt accomplished walking out of the polls.

"I was a little nervous going up there but I did some research into the candidates and I looked into it. But it was kinda fun looking into it seeing how people felt, and all their sayings and how they're going to affect our country," said 18-year-old David Ardrey.

All these people are just making sure their voices are heard.

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