Pediatricians release new guidelines on SIDS prevention

Pediatricians release new guidelines on SIDS prevention

Approximately 3500  infants die from sudden infant death syndrome each year. The American Academy of pediatrics recently released new guidelines to help parents prevents cases of SIDS.
The biggest advice is to change where your baby sleeps.

"Infants are in the room with their parents, in the same room in a separate sleeping place, a bassinet or something with a hard sleeping surface. Not in the bed with the parents but in the same room for a minimum of six month optimally to one year old," says Dr. Julie Dennard, a Pediatric E.R Physician at Doctor's Hospital.

The risk of SIDS is higher in babies 1 to 4 months old.

"Around four months old infants do start rolling around on their own so you cant prevent them from laying on their tummy at that point but that's where the firm surface comes in," said Dennard.

Even after the age of one, Aime Marrazaro makes sure to keep her sons crib mostly bare

"We don't do bumpers, my son's a year and a half now so he has a little stuffed animal and a little blanket in there but when he was a baby he slept in like a sleeper," said Marrazaro.

The recommendations also included skin to skin contact for an hour after birth and having your baby sleep on its back.

But these guidelines don't ensure 100 percent protection.

"We still do see cases of infant deaths Unfortunately if everything is done to try to protect the infant and if everything is done correctly but the recommendations do help and have lowered the incidents of SIDS dramatically," said Dr. Dennard.

Both agree that prevention goes a long way. The last time the American Academy of Pediatrics last updated their guidelines was five years ago.

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