Augusta group promotes locally grown food

Augusta group promotes locally grown food

A group here in Augusta is working to make sure local food options are available to all. At the old Richmond academy building, now called the - the idea is becoming a reality.

"Augusta, Georgia lacks a vibrant local foods culture," said Kim Hines,the Executive Director of Augusta Locally grown.

 Hines and a group of dedicated residents are trying to bridge the gap between the farm and the table.

"We all have one thing in common… we all have to eat," said Carla Walker, a  Food Oasis Augusta ambassador.

 "So often we know more about the person who changes the oil in our car and who cuts our hair but we don't know anything about the people who grow our food," said Hines.

A part of that issue comes from a lack of local farmers.

Hines noted that "We have very few farmers in our area who are committed to growing for the local community and one of the reasons for that is because we haven't created that demand."

Farmers in the area who recognize the need for more clean and healthy food choices are ready to meet the demand... and hopefully promote healthier lifestyles for all.

"If we could make people aware of the choices that are there and help them make a transition we could really put some of these diseases on the back burner "  said Laurie Richie, a Local farmer.

Hines and Richie encourage people to go out to farmer's markets and meet the farmers in the area.

"Get to know them as friends and neighbors. Look for food accountability," said Hines. 

Hines is also starting ways for residents to hold themselves accountable.

 "We have already an incubator garden here where we help people get started and learning how to grow food and sell to local chefs," said Hines.

On October 28th, The Clubhouse will host a "Harvest Bytes" hack-a-thon where computer programmers will work with farmers to create technological solutions to agricultural problems.

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