Grovetown's High School Battle of the Bands

Grovetown's High School Battle of the Bands

GROVETOWN, GA (WFXG) - Grovetown High School recently held its 7th annual Battle of the Bands Invitational.

Check this out this is Central Carroll High School. Their theme for this event? Dance!
They are one of 10 high schools from the CSRA competing for bragging rights on who's the best band.
Themes varied from "under the sea" to even the superhero's Incredibles.
Organizers say this is a chance for some bands to get recognized for more than just football.

"This day is for the bands and the bands students to see what they've done with the progress of their field shows throughout the year, we get a little bit more of an attentive audience from our judges, they get to score us and give us feedback on how they think we can do better and what we're doing really well," says Grovetown's Band Director, Brian Toney

The competition lasted eight hours. Lincoln County and Warner Robins schools finished in the top three.

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