Georgia Power offers landscaping tips for next hurricane season

Georgia Power offers landscaping tips for next hurricane season

Now that fall is here, many home and business owners are prepping for fall landscaping. But making the right planting choices now, may determine if you'll have power when the next hurricane comes.

Hurricane Matthew reminded people across the southeast how important it is to keep an eye on their trees.

"During hurricane Matthew we had 35,000 trees down in the Georgia power service area," said Tim McGill, an External Affairs manager Georgia Power.

McGilll stresses that trees and power lines just don't mix.

"Anytime you get trees around a power line it's a potential for an outage."

Georgia Power  reminds customers to keep safety concerns in mind.

"We ask people to plant trees within a zone. The smaller trees or shrubs and trees like a Japanese maple within 15 feet," said McGill.

For medium sized trees like Crepe Myrtles or Dogwood's they should be about 25 feet away from power lines. Trees expected to grow taller than 60 feet should be planted at least 35 feet away from any power lines.

Georgia Power offers help if you do have trees that you think are too close. Every three years they will come in and cut tree limbs back to an acceptable level.

While you should consider the distance from power lines when maintaining your yard, landscapers recommend that you pay attention to any trees that may be too close to your home.

"I wouldn't plant large trees around the house and if you already have existing large trees, I would examine my large trees or get a company to come out and examine my trees," said    Andreas Gresham who owns A.G Lawn Services

If you're thinking of planting new trees, remember that there may also be power lines underground, so always call 1-800-282-7411 before you dig.

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