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FEMA reimburses Wilkes Co. for 2015 flooding

Wilkes County GA Emergency Services Wilkes County GA Emergency Services

Wilkes County is getting a new emergency portable generator. It’ll be used at multiple fire departments around town when needed.

This came from a $52,000 grant FEMA just awarded the county. It was requested after their hit during the ice storm. But they’ve also recently been reimbursed money for their severe flooding last December.

Last Christmas in Wilkes County was a wet one. Not only did it rain, it poured, and flooded. So bad, it cost the county over $400,000 in damage.

“Probably out of 240 miles of dirt road, every one of them was damaged or had some type of flooding over the roads or over the bridges,” said Blake Thompson Wilkes Co. EMS/EMA Director

Paved roads were damaged as well. Newtown Road, for example, was washed away altogether.

Wilkes Co. EMA said the damage done around town after the floods was the worst they’ve seen in over a decade. A section of Gordon St. for example had to be completely rebuilt after the storms.

Up until now the Federal Emergency Management Agency and Georgia Department of Transportation have been helping the county get back on their feet financially after the flooding.

“We got like eighty-five cents on one dollar of what the county spent on that end,” Thompson explained.

Grateful for all the help they’ve received Wilkes County EMA is paying it forward. They’re taking a truck full of medical supplies and toiletries to folks affected by Hurricane Matthew in North Carolina.

Thompson said, “We got a lot of medicine going up there. We got bedside commodes they asked for, and fifty bedpans.”

Along with being reimbursed for the flood damage, FEMA recently granted Wilkes County money for two generators for the Washington City Fire Department and Wilkes County EMA Substation.

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