Grovetown man advocates for Male breast cancer

Grovetown man advocates for Male breast cancer

Breast cancer is a cause that is usually well supported, but there is one aspect of breast cancer that is rarely mentioned. Male breast cancer.

"I had the most devastating moment of my life when they told me I had breast cancer. I'm not going to sit here and say I didn't cry, because I did," says Cecil Herrin a Breast cancer survivor.

One day in the shower Cecil felt a knot the size of a BB. He spent the next year, trying to get a doctor to hear him out. Just one month after he finally got that all-important mammogram... he had a mastectomy.

"I found my purpose 100 percent the moment I woke up that it was to spread the word about men's breast cancer. I took a negative and made it an unbelievable positive," says Herrin.

Cecil has won a Jefferson Award for public service, started an endowment fund with Georgia Cancer Center and held the first Men's Breast Cancer Walk that raised more than 40 thousand dollars. Herrin says he was made to be an advocate.

" I can't keep my mouth shut, and I know that's why God gave me that purpose, I know that I will never ever make a million dollars but what if I can save a million?"

Though men make up only one percent of breast cancer diagnoses, Cecil wants every man to know about it. 

 "They don't realize that if they're standing right beside one their friends and telling them their symptoms that man could be his buddy, his daddy. It could be his cousin or just a friend or a bystander could listen to his symptoms and say you know what I got them same symptoms."

Herrin stresses now is the time for men to break their silence.

 "A man if he gets a new boat, new car, gun, he'll tell everybody. But most men won't tell anybody, If they have cancer, they'll shut up."

Always looking to get the word out, Cecil even drives around in a pink cement truck for his construction company. He says his work will never be done.

"It's not about Cecil, it's about awareness," says Herrin.

Cecil is already making plans to hold another Walk for Male breast cancer. The walk will take place in June of 2017, at Evans Town Center.