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Neighbor shocked after discovering dead bodies in Warrenville home

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Investigators are trying to figure out how a man and woman died at a home in Warrenville.

The bodies were discovered inside a home on Jackson Street.

The coroner says the man and woman had been there for days. 

Investigators cannot tell us if they're looking into this as a double homicide or as a murder-suicide. Or if something else at the home caused the couple's deaths. 

Harold Cain is one of the few people that his neighbor trusted.

"We got along pretty good. He'd watch my house if I went on vacation, I keep an eye on his house and that's what the situation was. I thought he was on vacation and found out it was a different matter," said Harold Cain.

Cain says his neighbor wasn't one for much socializing. That's evident from the large fence and messages he posted on his front gate, telling people to leave him alone and not to bother him.

"He liked to put them signs up. He didn't like people bothering him too much, he was the kind of person that didn't like anybody to mess with him, he put the signs up to keep people away," said Cain.

Cain says he hadn't seen or heard from his neighbor for weeks. When he started getting a bad feeling, he decided to check. As soon as he got to the front door, he noticed something wasn't right.

"Then I called dispatch and said I need somebody here for a well-being check. Then two deputies got here and kicked the door in, that was when they discovered them in a house," said Cain.

Investigators are searching for clues and Cain is still trying to process what he found.

"I'm still shocked, I'm really shocked. I don't know what to say really, I just jumped the fence and discovered what I did," said Cain.

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