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Some Bamberg residents still without power five days after Hurricane Matthew, county promises relief

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Hurricane Matthew may be a memory for many though some communities are still feeling it's presence.

In Bamberg County, there are people going on their fifth day without power.

In Ehrhardt, the place locals were calling a 'ghost town' just two days ago, is now showing life -- power's been restored. 
Though some folks aren't as lucky. 

"Five days something should be done. The road power line back up, you know road power line back up, all the states and we got, 
we could have done more than that," said Bamberg resident Robert Glover.

Glover is relying on a generator to keep he and his three grandsons going as this massive tree still has the power
knocked out and the road into the neighborhood blocked.

"I called yesterday and I called early this morning and told the lady at the county administrative office the roads are still blocked, 
you can't get in. The power line is down, tree still down," said Glover.

Bamberg County held a multiple hour meeting today discussing the relief efforts as cleanup is taking longer than expected. 

"The power companies are moving, you know. And they're trying to make diligent decisions and smart decisions. They're getting everybody's 
lights on slowly, but surely," said Brittany Barnwell, Bamberg County EMA Director.

Barnwell says though times are tough right now, the county hasn't forgotten about anybody. 

"The power companies are working around the clock to get your power restored. Have some faith in them. They're coming and nobody has forgotten about you," said Barnwell.

For residents like Glover, it doesn't feel that way. He lost roughly $500 in food while the lights have been out and is resorting to campfire cooking as he
waits for relief. 

"Our government could do better. Local and state. All we got. We could do better," said Glover.

Bamberg County says they do have donated food available for folks still without power. The County expects lights on for everyone by Friday and school
is back in session in tomorrow. 

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