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Plans to repair Augusta Riverwalk total $200,000

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$200,000 is what Augusta's recreation director says the department needs to make repairs to the Riverwalk.

Fox 54 caught up with longtime resident Inkeria Harris and her friends as they took an afternoon stroll along the river.

Harris said, "When people come to visit Augusta and ask me what is there to do, the first thing I tell them is to go down to the Riverwalk."

But, that doesn't mean she hasn't noticed the area could use a little sprucing up.

"I feel like the rails should be repainted and the bricks should be laid down a little better," said Harris.

From broken bricks to chipped paint on the rails, commissioners said they know the work that needs to happen out here on the Riverfront, and it's time to put some action behind these master plans.

Commissioner Dennis Williams said, "My primary concern is cutting back some of the bushes and trees, cleaning the place up, doing and little painting and fixing the monuments."

According to recreation officials, that will cost about $200,000-a number that gave most of the commissioners sticker shock!

"You look at the price of everything and you say my God!" said Williams.

The Riverwalk project list includes Williams' concerns, along with treating mold on retaining walls, repairing exposed irrigation lines and better lighting.

After several walking tours of the Riverwalk earlier this year, commissioners suggested using inmate labor and in house tools to cut down on the costs.

Williams said when you crunch the numbers, the investment in one of the city's main attractions is worth the money.

He just wants to make sure those dollars are being stretched to tackle as many projects as possible.

"The citizens want accountability for how their funds are being spent," said Williams.

Commissioners have been asked to provide recreation officials with a list prioritizing the order of importance for repairs so that the department can get to work with the money left in their current budget.

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